About us

Chronosurveys, Lda brings together the best of the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries and Academia.


We are a group of independent consultants with experience in the Oil & Gas and Mining industries and specialist researchers in Academia that provide integrated services on Stratigraphy. We also provide intelligence services and products on energy and mineral commodities business in several regions of the World.


Our vision is to provide state of the art geological consulting at competitive rates using both standard and innovative techniques respecting the environment and fostering societal development according to our sustainability statement.


Chronosurveys, Lda is based in Portugal with office in Almada. We have partner laboratories in Portuguese and other European Universities.


Some of the projects our consultants have worked with:

Who we are

Gil Machado, Founder and Technical Director

is a Petroleum Exploration Geologist with a Ph.D in stratigraphy and source rock characterization. After a short experience in the mining industry, he has worked for Oil & Gas companies for the past 10 years in Exploration Geology and biostratigraphy, dealing with projects in the Middle East, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Morocco, among others. His experience ranges from Regional prospectivity reports, data room and bid round evaluation to seismic interpretation and prospect generation, well correlation, source rock characterization, geological reservoir and siliciclastic rocks characterization. His biostratigraphic expertise is Paleozoic Palynology

Sara Delgado, Founder and Logistical Director

is an International affairs and political analyst, with a Bachelor degree in Political Science and International relations. She has worked in the public and private sectors in areas relating to international security, economic development, fraud detection among others, focusing on Europe, West Africa and Portuguese speaking countries.


Chronosurveys works with a vast network of consultants, partner companies and academic staff, covering the entire geological column and all the main and secondary paleontological disciplines. In addition to biostratigraphy we work with several institutions to provide sedimentology, source rock analysis, seismic interpretation and general geology services. This allows Chronosurveys to allocate the best fit consultant to the client's needs.

Partners - academia

Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon

The Faculty of Sciences hosts the leading Earth Science research Institute in Portugal, the Instituto Dom Luiz. The Geology department provides logistical, technical and scientific support to our activities.

University of Aveiro

The Central Laboratory of Analysis at the University of Aveiro provides several analytical services including X-ray diffraction, determination of metals by ICP and ICP-MS and isotopic characterization of samples by Mass Spectrometry Thermal Ionization arrays ( TIMS )

Portuguese and European Universities

We have a vast network of academic consultants, specialists in a time interval, fossil group, geological setting, etc, that allow us to provide the best service possible for your project.

Partners - companies

GEPlan consulting

GEPlan Consulting is an oil and gas consulting firm that can provide innovative and integrated services for new join ventures and for exploration, appraisal and development projects. GEPlan offers a wide range of expertise in integrated basin analysis and has acquired a wide experience in the characterisation of the complex reservoirs and it has given support to several companies all around the world in the development of their reservoir models.

Pioneer Energy and Minerals consulting

Pioneer Energy and Minerals Consulting (PEMC) is an exploration company operating from Windhoek, Namibia. Pioneer offers consultancy services to both the Mineral and Petroleum Sectors. PEMC focuses on the field of Earth Sciences. Pioneer strives at delivering high quality, innovative and cost effective solutions. 


Geode-Energy supplies leading data analysis expertise to the upstream oil, gas, geothermal and water business. Geode operates in diverse countries supplying geological geo data analysis services. Geode Energy expertise includes Facies Analysis and Sedimentary Models from cuttings and core and petrophysical data as well as innovative workflows in fracture and porosity characterisation in Shale, Clastics and Basement Rocks.

Badley Ashton

Badley Ashton was established in 1982 as a high quality geoscience consultancy, providing specialist reservoir description and prediction advice to the oil and gas industry worldwide. Thirty-five years on, the emphasis on quality remains the same today, with a progressive ethos driven by continuous scientific excellence.

Shuram Oil and Gas

In 2012, Shuram Oil & Gas Laboratory was established in Muscat to provide

Routine Core Analysis and other Exploration and Production analytical services in partnership with International Expert Companies.

Geo Logica

Geo Logica provides field-intensive professional training courses and consultancy services with expertise in geological mapping, GIS, salt tectonics and fieldwork. The work is based on acquired hands-on professional experience together with peer-reviewed research developed over the years with our collaborators and partners. All are highly skilled professionals and academic experts in niche geoscience subjects essential for today’s challenges that energy transition is bringing to the geo arena.