Petroleum Geology

Petroleum asset evaluation

Need to evaluate the hydrocarbon value of an asset in a data room or bid round? We can interpret the available seismic, well data and assess the prospects in terms of volumes and geological risk.

We also provide regional prospectivity reports

Source rock analysis and thermal maturation

We provide a comprehensive array of analyses to evaluate source rocks and the thermal maturation of a Petroleum System. Services include kerogen typing, palynofacies, Total Organic Carbon (TOC), RockEval and Thermal Maturation (Vitrinite reflectance, organic matter fluorescence, spore color).

Reservoir characterization and sedimentology

Need a petrographic analysis of your reservoir to calibrate your wireline porosity measurements? Or evaluate the depositional environment of your well samples? We provide detailed descriptions of outcrop, core and cuttings samples, including thin section and XRD, Carbon and Strontium isotopes, as well as interpretation of the sedimentary environments where they deposited, sediment provenance and detrital framework analysis.