Mineral exploration and mining

Chronosurveys offers you a wide range of exploration services that can help carry your mineral project from grassroots into pre-feasibility and feasibility stages and in a quick, safe and cost-effective manner. 

Our value lies in holding a team of multi-skilled geoscientists with a strong academic support and international experience with exposure to different geological settings and varied commodities  (including gold, manganese, iron ore, base metals).

Where needed we are also able to increase your own geologists and field assistants knowledge and value by providing them with specific training, practical courses and/or workshops in Portuguese, English and French.

Coal Stratigraphy

Need to evaluate the stratigraphy of coal measures, correlate between wells or mine sections? Palynology of coal beds and interbedded sediments can provide the needed calibration. Well, outcrop and mine samples are suitable.

Shale-hosted ores

Many transition metal deposits around the World are hosted by black shales and other fine-grained sedimentary rocks. Despite the common metamorphic alteration, palynology and other disciplines can still be used for stratigraphic purposes.

Rock salt and evaporites

Chronosurveys refined a method to extract microfossils from evaporites and associated sediments. The method has been effectively used in well, mine and outcrop samples from Permian to Miocene age,  allowing to refine the stratigraphy and depositional environment interpretation and determine thermal maturation.

Set up of Mineral exploration projects

  • Project planning, permitting and implementation
  • Review and validation of historic data
  • Set up and management of geological database
  • Setup and review of QA-QC procedures for exploration drilling and assaying
  • Setup and management of GIS database 

Drilling program campaigns​

  • Management and technical support to drilling campaigns
  • Drilling contracting and contract management 
  • Defining and preparing drill programme protocols
  • Target generation and drill planning
  • Geological supervision and quality control
  • Drill chip and core logging and sampling 
  • Geotechnical and water logging and monitoring

Geochemical sampling​​

  • Regional and detailed geochemical sampling programmes
  • Geological supervision and quality control

Geological mapping and modelling​

  • Regional and detailed geological mapping
  • Regolith mapping to support regional geochemical programs
  • Creation of 2D and 3D geological, structural and mineralisation models

Data interpretation​

  • Geochemical and geophysical data interpretation
  • Structural and alteration analysis
  • Mineral system analysis
  • Petrographic studies

Resources estimation

  • Data validation
  • Statistical and geostatistical analyses
  • Data interpolation
  • Block modeling