Regional prospectivity reports

Chronosurveys produces regional prospectivity reports of areas where its consultants have worked in the past. These are supported by a dynamic GIS application.

These are the projects currently under development

MSGBC Basin Prospectivity report

The Mauritania-Senegal-Gambia-Guinea Bissau-Guinea Conakry Basin has been one of the most active areas for the E&P business in latest years. From practically unknown frontier area to an active oil and gas province. Discoveries like SNE, Tortue gas complex have put this basin on the radar of many companies, including several majors.

Chronosurveys is compiling a regional prospectivity report supported by a GIS project. Optional political and economic report on the several countries.

Alentejo-Algarve Basins prospectivity report

 One of the least explored areas of the North Atlantic, the Alentejo and Algarve basins. Only a few wells were ever drilled, all onshore or shallow offshore. The report will include a comprehensive analysis of the petroleum systems of the basin. A GIS project will be available.

Other regional reports being prepared

Equatorial margin of Brazil

Paleozoic onshore basins of Brazil

Oman and Yemen