Training and field trips

Our consultants can provide training in several geological themes for techincal assistants, geoscientists, non-technical staff, managers, etc. We can provide training in house or in another venue according to your preference. All courses and field trips are available in English and Portuguese.


Our training partners include National and International companies and professional associations:


Applied Biostratigraphy

We have a 2 to 5 day course on Biostratigraphy applied to the oil industry, full of practical examples and exercises. Aimed for geoscientists looking to develop their capacity to use stratigraphic data.

2D and 3D seismic interpretation

One of the basic tools for geoscientists working in the oil industry, carbon sequestration, mining industry and offshore wind energy.

Petroleum Geology

This 5 day course covers the elements and processes of a Petroleum system and how companies explore hydrocarbon resources. Optional field-based part in World class coastal outcrops of the Lusitatian Basin. Aimed for young geoscientists, engineers and other technical staff looking to develop their skills.

Sequence Stratigraphy

This 2 to 5 day course, we will explore the history of sequence stratigraphy, the main geological and astronomical processes controlling sedimentary systems and observe how sequence stratigraphy can be applied using seismic, well and outcrop data.


Field trips

We can offer tailor-made field trips to Lusitanian, Alentejo and Algarve Basins, as well as to several mineral provinces in Portugal and Spain.

Geological tour of Lisbon

Stone, water and earthquakes, the geological forces building and destroying Lisbon over the centuries. Enjoy a cultural/geological day trip in Lisbon's historical neighbourhoods.

Some quotes of people who attended our courses:


"I would like to thank you for this course. I have really enjoyed it; its been a very useful refresher on seismics for me. I think the F3 volume is great for training, and your instructive approach to Opendtect is easy to follow." (Carbonate sedimentologist)


"This workshop was very useful as I learned more about Biostratigraphy (particularly Palynology) that I did not know before" (Geology graduate student)


"These two days were very interesting. A great introduction to biostratigraphy and very applied to the oil and gas industry. Thank you" (Geoscientist in a E&P company)


"Great initiative and very good exectution" (Geology graduate student)


"Excellent Workshop!"(Geology graduate student)